Rotating Orb

Currently rendering full-size (700 x 700). And I’m not changing anything now at over 35 hours estimated render time. I started at 4:00 PM, it’s now 2:15 AM and I’m on frame 232 of 1050. This is simply a larger version of the second video I posted earlier, except the chrome is now ray depth 10 instead of 2.

Cool beans! look forward to seeing what it’s like…

Okay, it’s finally done rendering (over 50 hours) and looks awesome, but it’s too big for me to upload.:frowning: The most allows is 125 MB, but the file is 180. Zipping only knocks off a few MB. Any help? I can’t use my freewebs hosting because the unpaid version only allows 40 MB of webspace.

Wow! 180MB?! What is the res and format of that video? and how long is it?
Seems like an awfully large size file. Sorry to hear about your server woes. I don’t have a server for you to upload to, or it would be yours, sorry.

700 x 700, AVI JPEG. It’s 42 seconds long.

hey what about compressing it with virtual dub for example? divx or xvid should give an ok-sized file.

I finally found a host! See finished project thread here.