Rotating Orb

This has been finished for a while, but it took me some time to find a site that would host such a big file. Hope you enjoy! It took over 50 hours to render.

180.77 MB AVI Jpeg. 700 x 700 42 seconds.

[Edit] Sorry about the file host site, it was the only one I knew of that would take files over 125 MB. I normally use

I cant see it cause the file hosting site you chose dosn’t display the file…

Well, I wasn’t crazy about the 5 minute download, but it wasn’t bad at all. Very creative.

Megaupload is really stupid. Try opening the window again, and type in the code and press download. In the same box as the code, an option will appear to download the file.

That’s crazy size. I’m on dial up but would still like to see it. Any chance you could use something like ffmpeg to resample your vid?

Sorry, I just tried to figure out Virtual Dub with no luck. I’m afraid you’ll have to hope someone else is willing to re-encode and upload the smaller file.

Could you please post some screens (in good quality why not) of this video?

I’ll post some stills once my schoolwork is done for the day…

Can you encode this as an mpg or wmv or something? Avi jpeg isn’t very good, and it’s huge.

Here is the torrent for the huge file.

Here is the compressed movie. (5 MB xvid 400*400) much loss of detail but it gives an impression.

Here are the still frames.:slight_smile:


so I’m guessing this is an array - is that an HDRI map in yafray or simple blender internal reflection mapping? trippy…

The lighting is HDRI in blender internal. Actually, I made the file before blender had an array feature. Each level is parented to the one above it, and 4 rotation IPOs were keyframed (up, left, down, right.) Then it was just a matter of copy and pasting the curves from the IPO buffer to the appropriate level and offsetting the timing. The rotations all had to be along the local axes. I’ll post the .blend in a second.

[Edit]. blend 927 kB

HDRI in internal? how’d you manage that? just an image for the world texture? I will definitely take a look at your blend

Yep, it’s just an HDRI probe set as a world texture.

[Edit] You’ll have to supply your own probe, I didn’t package the file for the sake of file size. Laughs at irony compared to movie size :smiley: