Rotating particle force

I started playing with particle sources for the first time tomorrow. I have an object which is actually a collection of a bunch of objects all parented to the main object. Among those parented were the three particle fountains.

Originally, the object was oriented so that the particle fountains naturally needed the “Force” to be in the Y-direction, so I set the particles up that way. I had the particles working the way I wanted; then I rotated the object. All the objects which had the main object as their parent rotated along with the main object, as expected. This included the particles sources. However, the direction of the particle force did not rotate, but still was directly in the Y-direction. In other words, the particle fountains were now coming off at an odd angle.

These rotations were all done in Object mode, not Edit mode, so it was a transformation of the whole object. Textures also rotated along with the object, as expected.

Is there a way to get particle Force directions to rotate along with parent objects? I searched the web a bit, but could not find an answer.


you have emiters[fountains] parented to an object and when you animate it the particles dont go where expected, yeah?

after you set up all your animation select the particle fountains and double hit tab to enter and exit edit mode. the particles will be re-calculated

hope this is what your looking for

Hmmm… I don’t think that’s what he’s asking about.

Force is in global coordinates. It was meant to be gravity, wind, etc. So Y is always up-down etc, X always E-W and Z always N-S. If you need to have the particles fall towards the base of your object, you could combine X,Y and Z forces to make a vector that points towards your base. If the base is moving, you’ve got problems. There are no IPO’s for force, and Particles aren’t accesable from Python.

Perhaps you could use a latice to warp the coords around your object in the direction you want.


How do you use particles? where to start?

Instead of using fixed axis to project your particles onto, use the faces’ normal vectors.

Change the X,Y, and Z forces back to 0

Increase the purple “Norm” value

You just have to make sure the emitter’s faces are pointing in the right direction.