Rotating Particles Problems

I am using Blender 2.5

I want the particles to be rotated randomly from above while keeping them vertical from the front and side views but I don’t think this is possible.

This a top view of my particles. In the particle settings under “Rotation” I have tried every setting but I can’t get the cubes to rotate randomly like in the image. I want to rotate the cubes in top view but none of the rotation setting allow for this as far as I can see.

Is there a setting I am missing that will allow me to do this?


Yep, that is a problem with the particle system. That simple task, as you have described, it can not do. The particle system can do lots of complex things, but the basics seems to be missing.

Or perhaps I am missing the skill? Someone please post a BLEND file with the solution.

Or perhaps I am missing the skill? Someone please post a BLEND file with the solution.
Under rotation panel set the angular velocity to “spin” and set it to about 30

blend is posted if you want it :smiley:

edit: just re-read the post… RANDOM? as in, either rotating left or rotating right? if it’s just a matter of whether it rotates left or right, why not just use 2 different emmitters? I used 2 planes emitting opposite spins in particlespin1.blend


particle spin.blend (92 KB)particle spin1.blend (93.3 KB)

Thanks Atom, yes I hope they can add a simple setting to allow for “Top” rotation.
Thanks AMDBCG for the explanation. I will use 2 separate particle systems.


if i understand well the plane at the bottom is a cloth with a force field collision

but what confine the particules to stop to this plane ?
i don’t see any particule name in force field panels for this?

and is the fore filed applied to the cloth or added independently like an empty ?

also the kill option i guess means that the particules stops when colliding wtih the the plane at bottom !


it’s a collision modifier - no cloth .
and I just turned on "kill particles " and Render Died particles

What if I want them to spin along the Y-Axis? How do I change the settings to make that happen?

You could try making a group of cubes and give each cube a different rotation using keyframes. Then use this group as the emitted particles. Obviously the rotation won’t be completely random but might be convincing enough.