Rotating Particles using an Object


I’m playing around with Emitter particles in Blender and I’m looking at using an Object as my particle. I have that working, but I want the object to rotate as it falls from the Emitter which is what I’m having trouble with.

I have a video example below of what I want the particle to do.
On the LEFT I’ve rotated the object in Object Mode which is the look I’m going for.
No matter what settings I change in the Particle Properties I can’t get the particle to rotate like that as it’s being emitted, so I found out if you animate the verts in Edit Mode the Particle Properties will recognise that.
The issue now though is that the verts aren’t keeping the nice rounded shape while animating between keys, which you can see on the RIGHT.

I selected all the verts and rotated them 90 degrees every 20 frames to do a full 360 turn. I know I could add a key every frame to fix this, but I want to try and avoid that in case I need to change the rotation speed etc, so avoiding having to redo it every time I want a change.
I understand why the verts are doing this as it’s working out the easiest way of going from one key to another, but is there a way of keeping its shape while it rotates?

Here it is in action:

I’ve been told that in Flash there’s a thing called “hinting” where you can set markers for edges so that it doesn’t just fudge the shape to get from A to B, so I’m hoping there’s something similar in Blender.

If I can achieve the look of the object on the left of the 1st video without having to do vertex animation then that would be even better!

I’ve attached the Blender file if anyone wants to have a look.

Thanks very much in advance for any advice!


Have a look at this, I think the crucial point is that the angular velocity is defined by the initial velocity. In this case it wasn’t working till I flipped the plane 180 in x. I think the particles going up then gravity pulling them down was canceling out the initial velocity.

rotating-parts.blend (1.0 MB)

Wow, thank you so much for your quick reply and answer!

I’ve tried to replicating your file myself to understand it better and it works great!

I was playing around with settings for ages and couldn’t get anything to work so you’ve helped me out so much, thank you again :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve played with that aspect of particles before and not had much luck this time it worked.

Your welcome.