Rotating problems when rigging

I’m rigging a flower with the Spline-IK constraint, the Spline-IK gives a very good control over the flower, but may not be the best solution. I’ve got three curves, there two of them control one leaf each and the third curve controls the “stem” or the Spline. To deform the curves I use a controller armature(BlommanController), where the controllers are parented to each other. The root of the leafs(Blad1.L, Blad1.R) and the “Foot” is then parented to a master bone, which controls the position and rotation of the flower. The flower without rotation is shown in the first figure. When I try to rotate the master bone the leafs rotates along its axis as shown in the second figure below(135° rotation), which I don’t want it to do. How do I solve my problem?

Edit: (Removed some links and figures)
I solved it, for each curve/bone-chain I added a child of constraints to a master bone in this case the Foot bone, then no problems occured when rotating the object.