Rotating Problems

(Haunted-House) #1

I have an object with two scripts, one to rotate left,right and another to rotate up,down. I need BOTH scripts to be on ONE object…the trouble begins…
When put seperetly like for a first person shooter (bottom half rotates left,right upper half rotates up,down) it all works fine. When put on one SINGLE object, after a few seconds of looking around the view starts to get crooked.(it starts to tilt to an angle)
No matter what I use, AngularVelocity, DRot, Torque, it still tilts to an angle like the camera is dying :frowning:
How can I stop it from doing this?

(iconjunky) #2


i think your gonna need two objects, one which pitches, parented to one which rotates.

i tried alot with setDRot(x,y,z,1) and setDRot(x,y,z,2) but it didnt work for me. :frowning: Im sure there is a logical reason as to why it wouldnt work, but my brain always starts to hurt!!


(Haunted-House) #3

Both scripts have to be on one object or else when you look up or down and move you won’t move in that direction…I need the object to fly…