Rotating quads?

I used to use Lightwave but switched over to Blender awhile back, but… I’ve never been able to figure out how to rotate quads in Blender like I knew how to in Lightwave. How do I rotate a quad on a mesh so it will change the loop so I don’t have to cut the model in horizontal or vertically to create more polygons where I need to edit the mesh such as the stomach, lips, ears and so on. I know I could use triangles but I want to use as little of them as possible since they aren’t my favorite. If you can help, it’d be greatly appreciated. I’ve asked around before but no one could help me.

What is a quad? You can rotate faces and edges with the “r” key if that is what you mean:)

not everyone here used Lightwave, so we don’t know what you mean by ‘rotate quads’… some pictures would be helpful

For edge rotation:
Select one edge (or two faces) and press Ctrl+E and choose Rotate Egde CW or Rotate Edge CCW.

Perhaps you mean Rotating Edges and changing this way the direction of Edgeloops?
This would be Ctrl+E and choosing CW or CCW from the popup.

Ahh!, posted the same time

Thank you very much. I have been trying to figure this out for a long time.