Rotating Question (Probably easy, if possible.)

Was just experimenting in edit mode, and came across an editing issue…

Started off with a cube, stretched it, and then knifed it twice, so it turned out like this:

Then selected half the verts, like this:

Then hit “R”, and tried rotating it, and got this.

But it’s not exactly what I was hoping for… I wanted to manually make a curve by just extruding the points on the edge of the planes…

You can see the rotation line indicates the vertices are being rotated about the middle of the selection. However, if one wants to create more of a rounded effect - like a more even and concave line between the four points on the inside of the curve - then this leads one into a problem.

Below is more the result I was hoping to achieve over the whole object, which I got using SpinDup (much longer and difficult) method,

Anyway… is there a quick and easy method to do something like what I am seeking, so one could free up the ability to model? It seems that if one were able to get the rotation to occur about the “corners” of the selection, then that might help, but I’m not sure if that’s even a possibility.



P.S. I hope this question makes sense. Please let me know if it needs clarification.

First, add a plane. Move it a few blender units above the 3d cursor. Then go into edit mode, and move the left vertexes directly on top of the right ones, using control to snap them there. After you’ve done that, push period beside the comma (the . button) which will set things that you rotate etc to pivot around your 3d cursor.

Push r to begin rotating and move is 30degrees anti clockwise, then extrude and rotate, extrude and rotate.


You need to move the pivot point to the 3D cursor (dot/comma keys toggle). In your example above, simply LMB click to relocate you 3D cursor to where you want the rotation centre to be, press dot to move the pivot from your selection, and extrude/rotate your selection (i.e. E, R, Z, 45 to rotate the extruded selection 45 degrees about the Z axis).

Have a look at

Thank guys.

I knew it was probably something easy. Pressing the dot after “R” did the trick.

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