rotating separate bones in GE

Here’s a file of what I mean and how I’d do it.

Question: Is there another way? Perhaps access some deep dark subsubmodule of Python? Parenting empties? Because I’d really hate to use such a setup for an armature with even 10 bones (good armatures&rigs use much more), and think of having at least 5 players in the whole game… that’s 5 armatures * 10 bones * 13 logic bricks = 650 logic bricks.

Also, I don’t want to use too many actions (this setup would require a separate action for every bone I want to control, that’s already 650 logic bricks + 650 actions).

Anyway, there’s a small bug - holding Right or Left won’t act properly, you have to tap these keys quickly. Each tap = one degree of rotation. For a full rotate (360 degrees) you’d have to push a key 360 times in a row. How do I fix it?(not very relevant, since the whole point of the thread is to dump this setup, but still, would like to know.)

Any ideas?

ANYONE!! Please!

I don’t think it is possible. As far as a deep dark subsubmodule: I know you can access ipos in python, but i don’t know if they update in realtime. if it dose work, you could modify the action ipos quatW/X/Y/Z (if you can figure out how they work). But i don’t think it will work.

it never hurts to try…