rotating the axis of an object instead of object only


does anybody know how to changte the axis of an object instead the object?

what i want is when i change the axis later i can move the object along the new roated axis instead of left right up down …


You can get diferent rotation angles if you rotate the object in Edit Mode then go back to Object mode.

hi arangel

i think you missunderstood me:

this shows what i mean. in c4d you can rotate the axis of an object relativ to the world axis system. that means when you want to move the object along x,y,z axis you can move it with a different angle than the world axis provides you!!! this is very handy when you have mechanical animations of pieces not only going up and down but also diagonal etc.!!!

i hop ethe image shows clear what i mean!!!

any help is very welcome :slight_smile:


You can do that in Blender too. Just press the Axis letter twice in transformation modes.



a look into the onscreen menu should have opened my eyes already.

this is a very handy tool. I was used to the workflow in c4d where you see the objects local axis system as well and is treated as an object as well.


under the object menu [F7] under “draw” do you have “axis” button on?
the move, scale etc to axis is very handy in edit mode also…
ie extrude then move along axis…

For some reason I can’t use those shortcuts in Blender 2.32. I works all fine with the onscreen menu, but when i press x,y,z once, I can do the local stuff, when I press xx,yy,zz, the constrained transformation is disabled. Anyone ever heard this?

That is only the case for scaling in object mode.