Rotating Then Vs. Now

Have stuck with Blender version 2.36 for quite some time, mostly because I didn’t need (and know how) to use the features in newer versions. But since 2.40 is coming out so very soon, it would be quite silly to limit myself so. Hence I have one really simple and silly question to start myself on learning all the new stuff:

How does rotating work now? In the past, the rotation of something is not constrained at all, but now, rotation is always constrained to one axis. Can this be turned off? How would I deal with this new( or not that new) system of rotation? In all honesty, this has been one of the main deterring reasons for me in using new blender versions. :expressionless:

pressing “R” Twice goes into trackball mode if that’s any help

and try changing the box next to the widgets (default setting is “global”)