Rotating to view as you model

I’ve been watching tutorials as I try to learn modeling items in Blender… I am in process of trying to create a simple house… I watch all these videos and as they are modeling, they are moving the items around so easy looking it at this way and that way and it moves so nicely… How do you move the items around like this to see it from all kinds of angles, without it going all over the place… I have been using the R to rotate but that is not a nice smooth moving of the object… I try using the Rotate manipulator and it just flips that object all over … not smoothly moving it as in the tutorials I’ve watched…
I’m missing something … what are they using to make their movements?

I hope I explained it right… most of my stuff I work on, I can go from front view to back view to left, etc… but I see them moving the objects so smoothly from different angles but I haven’t figured out how to do that easily…

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Missing information again. If you ask about the tutorials, should at least link to one if possible.

Otherwise it’s just guessing and my guess is that putting the cursor futher away while rotating will give more control over the rotation than putting it close to where it pivots. Also holding down shift decreases the movement.

If your rotations happen in increments, then the snapping is on. Magnet icon on the 3D view header or shift+tab.

Seems like you’re talking about viewport navigation?

If that’s what you were talking about I strongly advise going over that whole series. I was watching this tutorial and how he moves around the object… I haven’t been able to move mine around like this… thanks

Orange, thanks for the links… I just found my answer in one of them… clicking the middle button on the mouse moves it around like I was trying to do… mine is a wheel but it works when I push on it…

appreciate the reply…
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Is there a way to download the manual, so if you aren’t where you can get online you can still view it?
Also… (sorry…) is there a place to get PDF or word doc tutorials… I try to follow the tutorials and do them as I watch them… I learn best by doing, so having a written tutorial is great for me… I can do the steps as I read them…

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Don’t know about the manual but if you want to save written tutorials, you could perhaps print to a file. I’m on Linux and print options include print to file by default. I’m sure in one form or another it’s available for other operating systems too.

If the webpage gives an option to print, it means it has separate layout set for printing which would probably be optimal choice. If not, could print the webpage as is. Just have to do that for each page, if the tutorial is on several.

For example, one tutorial from

Opened the tutorial page, and clicked print from the browser menu

That saved it to a .pdf

Also few concerned words about learning in steps: it can be a very dangerous way of learning.

Learning about workflows, tools, modeling, texturing, whatever from a tutorial that is presented as steps is ok but it’s important to not memorize the steps themselves. It would be good to learn what and why something is being done, from the overall workflow to smaller decisions. That way you can start building your own knowledge base and combine different techniques to do things you want, not what tutorials show. It’s also easier to make corrections to that knowledge if some tutorial gives wrong information. Tools will also change and with correct learning those changes won’t cause you to even lift an eyebrow.

thanks JA12… appreciate the reply… I will check that… After I read and do the steps, I try to do my own thing as much as I can and at times I need to check something in my printed notes… the more I work with it, the more I do without using any notes… The small video I created a couple years ago is pretty funny and my characters in it not all that great… but want to learn to do it better so maybe I can create small video for my kid’s stories I post on a blog
Thanks a lot for the help
I do appreciate it… I try not to post questions unless I just can’t find the answer on my own…