Rotating viewport HDRi backround with hotkeys


1 Go into keymap preferences and navigate 3D View → 3D View (Global):


2 Scroll to bottom and press Add New to add new hotkey entry:

3 Start filling empty values. We gonna use Alt + Shift + Mouse Wheel Up / Down because Alt + Mouse Wheel Up / Down is already used by Frame Offset hotkeys to scroll animation forwards / backwards.

Identifier: wm.context_set_float
Context Attributes: space_data.shading.studiolight_rotate_z
Relative Checkbox: Yes
Value: 0.261799 and -0.261799

0.261799 is 15 degrees in radians, you can make rotation slower or faster by using different values.


Similar hotkeys to change strength of viewport HDRi’s:

Identifier: wm.context_set_float
Context Attributes: space_data.shading.studiolight_intensity
Relative Checkbox: Yes
Value: 0.1 and -0.1


This method only works with viewport HDRi’s (Scene World unchecked):


If you want to rotate world shader HDRi’s I recommend empty object method:

Empty object method

Using empty for coordinates will make world rotate with empty object. Another benefit is ability to parent scene lights or sun to same empty, that way when you rotate empty Blender will keep HDRi’s and lights rotation in sync:


Very useful trick, thanks mate.

Did you find an alternative method to rotate the HDRI using Alt + Shift + Mouse drag East/West ?
I tried but it doesn’t work as expected.

This method?

Yeah, I don’t think this is gonna work with just hotkeys trickery because Click Drag Direction is considered single “action”. Mouse wheel only works because it sends multiple actions.

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