Rotation along rotated empty axis

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I have a problem with rotation objects along a rotated empty axis.
Like a door that is not vertically aligned.
There is a blend file added to explain the problem. That makes the question more clear.

rotation_problem.blend (451 KB)

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Ok, problem solved. For everybody interested.

Add a bone to the scene.
If you want to use local rotations you need to add the transformation constraint to the empty.
Select the bone from the Armature.
Select the transformation you want in the source (Loc, Rot or Scale). In this case Rot.
Add the values you want (in this case the Y:). example: min:0 and max:90

In the destination also select the Rot.
Values on the Y-axis min:0 and max:-90 (also this case).
What’s important are the Space settings.
Select World Space to Local Space.

Now you are done.

Select the bone and switch to Pose Mode.

Rotate the bone on the y-axis and the object rotates over the Local y-axis.

I added the blend file to make the explanation clear.

rotation_problem_solved.blend (460 KB)

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Put the rotation order to ZYX and put yout transformation orientation (for the viewport) To GIMBAL and you should be set!

I tried, but still funny rotations.