Rotation and pivot point

when you do a rotation with pivot point the cursor
the object rotates around the cursor

Can someone explain

what the pivot point means

Active object
Individual center
Median point
3D cursor

and where we can transfert those angles to another object

and what is the relashionship with local and global angles

In the transform tools we don’t see these angles only Local and Global Angles

Tanks & Salutations

Active object = Shift select more than one object, and the last one is the active one. Rotation starts around active object.

Individual centres = All selected objects rotate around their own individual centres.

Median point = The point between all the objects becomes the rotation point.

3D cursor = Place cursor anywhere and your object will rotate around the cursor.

Hope that helps…

But what about the other questions


Local and Global change whether the coordinates used for the scaling/rotation/etc. are based on world space or local object coordinates.

I wrote a long but unclear explanation before I remembered that it had been done better before:

Apart from reading that the best thing to do is to start Blender and create a basic cube. Make sure the transformation widget is showing and select global, local, normal and view in turn while rotating, scaling and positioning the cube. The difference between local and global should become clear.

Normal and View will probably be less clear but normal is based on the direction of the normals while View aligns them with the current view.

When you editmode you can extract a surface as per the normal of that suface

meaning that the normal angles are known by blender but not shown and editable as for the other in Local or Global mode

which is very strange !

it should be possible to edit those normals angles somewhere !

Even vertex have a normal associated with them which is also very unusual !