Rotation Animation messing up GE Movement...

I made a little FPS engine where you use WASD to move and the arrow keys to look around. Now, to make the movement seem like a human’s I decided to make the camera wave and rotate a little when running. I have 2 problems. The first is that if I use the IPO animation with a key frame that is Rot, it resets the camera’s rotation. As in, if I look up, and then start moving, the animation makes me look straight forward. Any way to fix this? I was thinking maybe if I used an Action it would, but I think I just found out that actions are only for bones.

My 2nd problem is, that if I make 4 sensors, 4 controllers, and 1 actuator, it messes up a lot. The 4 sensors are WASD, 4 controllers are all ANDs, and that 1 actuator is the actual animation. If lets say I press W, it works fine, but if I press W and then press A to move diagonally, the animation stops.

I’m always very confused by animations in the Game Engine, so if anyone can show me a tutorial that doesn’t just have a box moving and changing scale, that would be great.
(It would also be nice if it explained Actions, not just IPO.)

Make an empty, parent of the camera with the animations.

B3D00 is right. It took me banging my head against the wall for sometime before realizing how much better it’d be to use a setup that was something like…

camera --> empty <-- physicsObject <-- armature <-- mesh

Use physicsObject for collision/physics
Use armature for actions
Use mesh for graphics/visual
Use empty for logic

Yes, that should work much better. Thanks!

Edit:Oh, one more question. Is it possible to make the Ipo go back to frame one right away when none of the keys are pressed? (WASD) If not, how can I use an armature to move the camera for animation but not disturb the empty? The camera is already parented to the empty, so if I make it parented to the armature the camera parent to the empty is broken. If I control the empty with the armature, then my same problem will come back where the camera starts looking straight forward right when I start walking. :\

Use an IPO Actuator and some python to set the frame if none of the keys are being pressed.
EDIT: Actually, I guess you can use the IPO actuator with a Start and End at 1.

Well, I was actually kind of asking how to do that. :stuck_out_tongue: How do I make it that if none of the 4 keys are pressed, the animation goes back to frame 1?


Mostly I just need some help on making a sensor that would detect if one of those 4 keys are pressed. The rest, I’m pretty sure I can do.