Rotation axis

Hi! I want to rotate an object hiting a key, it’s working but it rotates the object (a door) as if its axe was in the center of the door I want it to rotate as if the axe was in the left side of the door, how can i do this?

reposition the doors empty to where the hinges are supposed to be… :slight_smile:

what?? excuse me i’m a newby and i don’t understand, i have a door and i want to rotate it hitting a key, i know how to rotate it but with the axe on the center, i need to put the rotation axe on one side, how can i do it?

The rotation thing is easy just make the center of the object at the side of it or create an empty place it on the side of the door parent the door to the empty and rotate the empty.

just put your cursor where the hinges would go on yur door and press the “Centre Cursor” button

If I understood I need to do this:
I have this 4 options :
Individual Object Centers
3D Cursor
Median Point
Bounding Box Center

I select 3D Cursor, then I put the Cursor where I want the door to rotate and then what? there’s something missing… :frowning:

You have to do the animation of the door moving from closed door to open door…then select the door object put Logic bricks on it
keyboad sensor-------And-----------ipo actuator…

But can’t i change the object center?

Yes. Put the cursor where you want the object center to be, go into the Edit Buttons, select the object (make sure you’re in Object Mode), and click “Centre Cursor” (under the Mesh tab).


object rotation is around the median point. The little pink dot. :wink: