Rotation center is not around object selected

How do I set this darn thing to rotate around the object I’ve got selected? For example, if I have a part that’s not at the center of the grid and I hit the middle mouse to rotate, how do I make it rotate around the part instead of grid center?

Nevermind, completely misread that!

User preferences -> interface -> rotate around selection.

If your object origin is at the center, it will still rotate around that (like it should).

Hmm. Was kinda hoping for a hotkey so I could easily switch between the two rotation centers. Oh well. I’ll make it work. Thanks!

You could lock to object temporarily. That option is on the properties panel (N) and the hotkeys are shift+numpad_period to lock, alt+numpad_period to unlock.

Good info guys. I’ll definitely give that all a go. Thanks!