Rotation Constraints... -expectations too high?

Hey everyone,

I have my constraints worked into my models arms… and they work as intended but mostly ONLY from ideal views ( birds eye, along axis ect: ).

If I dial in an odd view direction -sometimes I can rotate them incorrectly.

Is this normal?.. not certain If I still have something mucked up I need to work on… or are my expectations set unrealistically high. Should I expect Blender to able to hold my Constraint no what what odd angle the animator chooses to view from?

i just tried to understand what can be wrong, but couldn’t find anything working strange with rotation constraints (using 2.59.0). i don’t think that the view causes the problems with rotation constraits. the .blend-file or a picture (showing the constraints settings and the wrong rotation) would be helpfull to evaluate the strange behavior.

Well… If your saying you have never encountered this then you have answered my question. To be honest I’m not interested in a solution as much as a confirmation… I have tried to learn this program a number of ways and tbh digging into it when strange behavior crops up will teach you quite a bit. I’ll keep plugging away. If i’m still stuck in a week… I’ll post some pictures.