Rotation-Constraints problem

i want some object to copy another one’s rotation ,however on the opposite direction (if z, -z for the slave object)

by using the known constraints>copy rotation property ,they rotate on the same direction… is there a method to do it?

*note:by using ipo curves we can do such a thing.but i want it to automize.

here is the image if needed:

Just brainstorming here: the object that it is constrained to, flip it on the axis so you’ll get the oppistie movement you want (duh?).

You can’t do it with constraints. You’ll have to do it with IPO’s, probably an IPO driver on each cube being driven from an IPO on a third object.


thank you Fligh% .then today is the time to learn ipo drivers(which are also used for facial animation ,right? i had seen some tests and that’s really cool)

fligh’s previous adviced link
helped me much by doing it.
i used just two you can guess i plan to energise some set of gears actually:) but of course drivers have many application.