rotation help

How can I rotate more than 180 degrees? If I rotate something slightly more than 180, then when I play the animation it will go the oposite way, to get to that location. I would like to put one key frame at 0 rotation, then the next key frame at maybe 1080 that way the object rotates allot.

Also, is there a way I can rotate using pivit points? Like how in lightwave you have to click a little gyroscope looking thing that way when you can rotate things withought having to be exactly north, south, east, and west.

Did I make any sence?

yes, you make sense. There are at least two ways. 1. rotate it 180 degrees, then insert an IPO. Rotate it some more, like another 90 degrees, and insert another IPO.
2. Set your first IPO Rot, advace a few frames, Rotate it a little, like 45 degrees, and another IPO. In the IPO window, select the rotation curves and change their Curve->Extend->Extrapolate and the curve will change to a straight line based on your two points.