rotation / hinge problem

Im having trouble making my swing rotate. I have a plane and an extruded cube hovering over my plane. I have moved the rotation point to the correct spot. When i manually rotate my cube it rotates correctly but when i animate it just falls straight down. I would like to see gravity make it swing back and forth. I attached a pic.

I think my issue is I need to attach my cube to something and use a hinge constraint but I cant seem to figure that out. Ive only been using blender for about 4 days now and I cant seem to find a hinge tutorial.

Thank you


To make the hinge constraint, select the object you want to attach, then go on the Object Panel (F7) Click on ’ Add Constraint" and select rigid body joint. Click “Show Pivot” and change the values on PivotX, PivotZ, etc. to move the pivot point around. Type the name of the object you want to attach to In “toObject”, change the attached object to rigid body in the logic panel (F4) and your done! Also make sure the bounds are set to “Convex Hull” so you don get any messy collision.

Thanks man, My hinge is working perfectly now.