Rotation issue in UDK

Dear community,

I have a problem with my animation:

I have modeled a revolver gun and animated it. In Blender everything looks fine as I want. But when I export it as *fbx to use it in UDK my animation is incorrect.

I have a very basic ‘fire’-animation for my revolver… If you shoot, the trigger turns back and forth, the clip rotate and you can see a little recoil…

In UDK the trigger doesn’t turn back, it turns in the opposite direction… In UDK’s import dialog, I have checked ‘use TOAs RefPos’ but it doesn’t help me…

In Blender’s *.fbx-exporter tool, I have played with ‘Forward’ and ‘Up’-axis, too - unsuccessful.

Feel free to use my *.blend file, there you can see my animation (how it should look inside UDK) and try to get it in UDK.

I use Blender 2.71 and FBX-Version: 6.1 (which you can select in the exporter…) I have tried fbx 7.4 but it doesn’t support animations so far… My UDK-Build is the February 2014 one.

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you in advance!

WesternRevolverLowPolyReady.blend (956 KB)