Rotation- Linear extrapolation- then stop


Thanks in advance for the help!

I’m trying to animate a “slot machine.” Three wheels will turn, then each will stop, landing on a label.

Can I extrapolate the rotation until a defined frame?


Yes, and by several methods, if you look on my website ( you will find a tutorial on how to make things spin, with options to stop them in various ways. Just select “Blender Tutorials” => “Spinning Bones, etc.” to find the tut.

One method that springs to mind in putting a Limits Constraint on the F-curve in Graph Editor and setting the Y value to a set value so when this amount of rotation is achieved, it stops spinning, you must also set a frame range to work over.

In this example the empty stops spinning at 2 * pi or 360 degrees (you must work in Radians) and the effect persists over 200 frames to ensure it does not start again. if you set the frame to a smaller end value (like 50), it will start turning again, experimentation is good here!

Getting them to stop on a randomly generated frame number will require some Python coding however.

If you need any more advice, just ask here.

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Thanks so much for your help! Can you send me another link to your site? I can’t connect using your link. I found you on YouTube, but I can’t find your website.

That’s because I spelled it wrong it should be - D’Oh

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PS I will correct the other post…

Thanks, found your site.