Rotation not working correctly

I am using Blender 2.73A am trying to do a book animation… I have all the bones set up, parented and all, constraints and all set up… I saved it as a different number version so when I add a few other steps, if something happens, I can go back to the previous version… On my file version 4, if you rotate the controller bone right or left, the book covers close as they should… If you rotate the controller bone right or left, the book cover moves along the Y axis and not the X as it is suppose to… in the N-panel, it shows the X rotation is moving, but it is not moving in X it is moving wrong direction … I have been through all the settings between the 4 and 5 and see no difference so not sure why 5th version not working…
I’m going to take the 4th version and re-save it to start the next steps in creating the book… but was trying to figure out why it sows in the N panel to be rotating on X but it actually is rotating on Y… I’m missing something but can’t find it… they look identical to me… so am stumped… I’m trying to learn Blender, so instead of just re-saving the 4th version and moving forward from it, I wanted to see if anyone could see what I’m not seeing in case this happens again… so I can fix… if someone dont mind…

thanks much
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BOOK ANIMATED 4 change test.blend (845 KB)BOOK ANIMATED 5 change test.blend (846 KB)

You are confusing World Space axes and the bones Local Space axes. Turn on axes display in the armature display dropdown to see how the bones axes are aligned. The Local axes of the bones are what will be animated and keyed and are also the transforms that are being used in most of the constraints in your rig.

Once you get a good understanding of World Space and Local Space, rigging is a sinch.

I see a lot of differences in both files on how the bones are aligned. I would recommend turning on axes display and also using octahedral bone display. Octahedral bones will show where the fat end of the bone is, (Head of the bone) and that is the point the bone will rotate from. B-Bone display will not show you this.

Changing how the axes of bones are aligned in Edit Mode can affect how the constraints work in Pose Mode.

Below, I have the control bone highlighted. In one file, the X axis is aligned with the Y axis of the world. In the other, the Z axis is aligned with the Y axis of the world.

I hope that helps show where the problem lies. There are other differences in how some other bones are aligned between the files.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your help… will go and work on it… I had changed them to B Bone because the tutorial had me change it… I actually like the Octahedral better… eventually he changes them to something else (custom look)…
I’ve been trying to learn different things in Blender, using different tutorials and generally I do pretty good at following them and understanding what is being done, but this one has been tricky and I thought I got each step as he went along but must have missed something somewhere… I spent two days listening to his 5 part tutorial on animating a book ( was from BlenderCookie) and writing down the steps so I would have a written tutorial to follow…

I thank you so much for taking the time to see what it was that I was missing… appreciate it
have a wonderful day