Rotation of a single object and bounding box

When a group of objects are selected and the bounding box center is chosen as a center of rotation everything works as expected. But, in the same conditions otherwise, if only one object is selectec the the pivot center becomes the rotation center, no matter where it is, irrespective of the shape and position of the object’s bounding box.

Why ? This seems neither logical or practical at first sight (or a the second one…)

It’s probably not intentional. I see it’s been like that since at least 2.23 though.


Well Fligh %,
(I’d like to learn about the origin of your nick !)

It is also well documented :
see sections about ‘Bounding Box Center’ and ‘Individual Object Centers’ as rotation centers.

Anyway, it wouldn’t matter so much to me is I didn’t have to explain this as a translator of the Manual and a tutorial author…

Oh well.

Thanks Fligh %, for this and all the good work you do around here. :slight_smile: