rotation of ik limits not working?

I dont know if this question has been answered, if so I didn’t find the exact problem.

In the blend file I attach, there are arms with deforming bones copying transformations of ik chain.

The question is simple, As I am a newbie to rigging, Should I be able to pick the target (hand square) and rotate the arm completely around the shoulder? is this logical?

I dont know why, but if I rotate the arm using contraints on the “deforming” bones, the bones do stop the rotation at the Z limit and it works fine… my question is more oriented as if I should be able to use only the iklimits to stop the rotation or it can not be done like that.

(the uparm bone is limited on the Z rotation on the ik panel).

Sorry for my crap english.

arm_test.blend (464 KB)

PD: I forgot to add, I can limit the upperarm rotation with the Deforming bones contraints but not the ik contraints. Using the def contraints the ik continues rotating but the deforming bones do stop fine… So I think if there is an IK panel for limits you shouldn’t have to use contraints on def bones :smiley: but rarely ik limits do not work here…