Rotation of rigify doesn't work even with modified weights

Hello, I have made a model of a cartoon character with a pointy nose but unfortunatly when I applied automatic weights it didn’t work properly so I then changed those weights and it works for most of the body exept the head, especialy when rotating the head, the nose does a weird thing where only a part of it moves, I have tried multiple times to change it, modify weights, switch to different bone layers ect… Could anyone
I have yet to finish refining the weights on the model and I might come back with more issues I can’t solve.
If you wish to help me in any way, thank you.
Also, how do I upload the pictures to show the issue ?

If automatic weights aren’t working correctly, your only solution is to do manual weight painting. You need to weight paint the nose.

As far as adding pictures- just click the Upload button in the formatting toolbar. I think you can also drag and drop from your file browser