Rotation of verticies in EditMode while using CTRL to constrain rotation (SOLVED)


I’m trying to expand my grasp of blender’s EditMode.

In EditMode, you can select arbitrary verticies and rotate them using the rotate manipulator, or by pressing the “r” key and dragging the mouse in the appropriate way. This is easy. I know we can also key in a rotate translation into the transform properties window. That’s cool and useful.

I’m working on some verticies that need to be rotated fairly precisely. I want to rotate them around an external point, so I’ve placed the 3D Cursor there and set the pivot to 3D Cursor. I also want to constrain the rotation to the grid, so I hold down the CTRL key. This works!

The issue I’m encountering is I’d like for the grid steps to be applied to the outermost verticies in the selection, not the innermost, as illustrated in my image attachment.

Is this possible? If it’s not, I will look for some other way to solve my problem. As I said, I’m trying to expand my grasp on EditMode and I just want to know if this is possible. I did pour through the user manual, (it’s my best friend) but it’s entirely possible that I’m too stupid to understand a key phrase that explains how to do what I’m trying!

Thanks to anyone who considers answering.



Rotation doesn’t go by grid units, it uses degrees of rotation. Holding down ctrl snaps the rotation to increments of 5 degrees.

Ahh, okay that makes perfect sense. Much easier to deal with thinking in degrees.

I was astray by inferring the “rotate” button under “snap to grid” in the user preferences window would do just that… and by the fact that my test appeared to be constraining to the innermost verticies. After further inspection, it was just coincidence.

It’d be cool if you could specify the degree of rotation somewhere, but whatever - that’s being picky.


It’d be cool if you could specify the degree of rotation somewhere,

R-key, then just type however many degrees you want to rotate. So R-8-9 rotates 89 degrees clockwise.

Awesome! Thanks a lot, fellas.