Rotation-only Offset - Is it possible?

Hi fellow Blender users.

I’m wondering if their’s a way to make a child object have a rotation delay (like a slow parent) but not the location delay (also like a slow parent). I’ve tried to do this with Python with a localPosition function, and tried using location constraints, but to no avail. The slow parent overthrows every function I try to use to keep the child object in its position. Also, it seems to me that the slow parent function (time offset) is hard-coded to offset both rotation and location.
Here’s a .blend. I’m trying to get the child boxes to have a rotation offset but not a location offset. Is it possible?
particletest.blend (511 KB)
Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.

You can use object.worldPosition=Parent.worldPosition

But dont actually parent, and then you need ,


Then you just divide the rotation by the timestep, each frame, and apply that rot.

Idea 2, do object.worldPosition=target.worldPosition, and tract to a empty parented to the “Parent”

Import bge


Always------and---------Track to empty

maybe even easier:
vector = own.object.getVectTo(parent.object)
own.object.alignAxisToVect(vector[1], 1/2/3 (the axis you want), speed)

How about that:

  • parent an empty (orientation target) at the target object
  • vertex parent the object to be aligned (pointer) to the target object
  • track pointer to the orientation target with a set up delay

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:
These are good suggestions. I wish there was an easier way to do this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: