Rotation over cerain number of degrees causes animation to move in reverse

Hi Folkd,

In the attached model, if you play the animation, you can see that all parts are rotating properly.

If you change the rotation key at frame 300 to 1440 (or -1440) it seems to work fine.

If you change the rotation key at frame 300 to say 2880 (or -2880) or 3600 (or -3600) the crankshaft rotates correctly but the crank gear, cam gear and chain rotate in reverse.

I have tried breaking up the keys to more than two but no matter what I try, at some point the above mentioned items rotate in reverse.

Cranks and cams obviously run at thousands of rotations a second so am I missing something or should I report this as a bug?


Attachments (1.61 MB)

Change the colour of one spoke of the gear so you can easily see how it’s really rotating.

It’s rotating in the correct direction but you’re seeing an optical illusion that makes it look like it’s rotating backwards.

Yikes. You are right. Even stepping through it slowly looks like it’s in reverse. But after painting the item with stripes, they indeed are going in the correct direction. Thanks.