rotation problem 2.46 RC4

i v added a circular plate top view an extruded in z

theni tried to rotate it R Key but nothing is happening

i can use the N- Key to change the angle
this is happening only in one file other files are ok

is there something to bring back the rotate function R=Key?
may be i changed soemthing else without seeing it but i don’t what


I Accidently Trurn On The Multiple Center
See Pic


Hey! What is this “Multiple Center” for? What is it doing and when is it to be used?? This is intrigant!

if you have several object s you have 2 ways to do the rotation
1 - the group center
2 - individual object center
the thing is that if this is turn on for group rotation
individual rotation does not work anymore so make sur it’s off if not needed

sometimes usefull