Rotation Problem. Keeps defaulting back when reopening blend


I’ve got a really annoying problem with just one part of a model I’m working on. If I rotate this one part then save the blend. Close the file and then reopen it the part model’s rotation is back where it was before I rotated it.

What’s wrong with the troublesome part?


Did you key the rotation?
Does the rotation change when you press the arrow keys?


thanks for the fast reply. To do the rotation I just selected the joined meshes in object mode and hit r for rotate and gave it 90 degree rotation.

When I selected the grouped meshes and hit the arrow keys it jumped to a obscure location in my scene and I can’t undo.

I don’t know what keying the rotation is?


It’s become evident it’s not just rotation, if I move the joined mesh back to it’s proper location after hitting the arrow keys and then save the file close and reopen the joined mesh has jumped to an odd location again.

What Nico means by “did you key the rotation” is whether or not you have IPO’s from animation I-Keys. It sure sounds like you do. Either IPO’s or AVK’s and you can check for both in the IPO window. Maybe one of the meshes had been keyed before you joined them?


nico & Fligh %

Thank you both very much.

I haven’t used the IPO stuff and didn’t know what i was doing but i’ve deleted about six different coloured lines in the IPO window and tried saving and reopening the blend and it’s fixed the problem.

many thanks.