Rotation problem

Iโ€™m trying to rotate an object in the place it currently in.
But now when its rotating it rotating as if it were attached to a wheel.:confused:

Can someone tell me how i got it to do this and how to change it back

can you also tell me other rotation options and how to do them

I guessing here, but doss that mean you are rotating it in object mode bu the object origin is in some other place than centered with the object? Like the origin is at the world origin and you happened to move the model into place in edit mode leaving the object origin behind? A screen shot would help in this case, since I am only imagining whatโ€™s going on, but the orange dot should be in the center of your object. In object mode you can rest this by hitting origin and then selecting origin to geometry. Then try rotating.

yea I think I pushed โ€œ.โ€ or โ€œ,โ€ and it changed the rotation origin

heres the screen shot I want to rotate the text up so they can read it

I would center the origin and then set your transform orientation to local since it appears you lined up the text with the camera and not the other way around.