Rotation Question?

I have tried numerous ways to rotate this object and none of them work. In every case it wobbles around in a circular fashion when I animate it. I just want to rotate it 180 degrees from left to right. Any suggestions what I am missing?



Because its origin isn’t at its center.

Enter edit mode. Select a single loop-- probably, at the base. Snap cursor to selection (shift s for me.) Enter object mode. Set object origin to cursor (ctrl-alt-shift c menu for me.)

It just looks that way in the picture. It is centered.

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Then I would have to see a file.

Hey, That is the 'Gotcha" with object rotation and animating, the solution is to add a armature bone, align the bones ‘Y’ axis (its easier) to your objects axis, in side view would be easier, turn on ‘axis display’ for your object, that may be helpful > parent your object to the bone and animate the bones ‘Y’ rotation, use XYZ rotation mode.

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More or less what ajcdfin said, with a few extra notes. What you are experiencing is gimbal lock. And is a limitation of Euler rotations which are tricky because they -from a very laymens terms - calculate rotations in order.


As you can see there are various options as to which rotation is calculated in what order. As mentioned you can experiment with different orders.

One alternative is using Quantermion (WXYZ)


And the little note there about “no gimbal lock”

Gimbal lock, is well what you see. It can’t rotate your object in space like that without being confused when there are two rotations to be calculated.

You don’t necessarily have to rig it with bones. But that is not a bad idea considering the advantages of using a rig over animating objects.

Another alternative is to parent it to an empty and simply rotate the empty first, into position, then rotate the object, This will work in Euler.

If you want to use Quantermion, you have to delete keys and start over or it won’t work.

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Thanks for posting, I can’t believe I overlooked the whole quaternion equation :tired_face: :upside_down_face: I’m so used to using XYZ …

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lol yeah I know. Me too actually. I usually use the parenting thing or bones. But it is good to stay on top of all of the options. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help guys. That makes a lot of sense since I am rotation in two directions.

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