Rotation Snapping

I am trying to build an architecture scene. I am modeling some “beams” and to do so, I create a cube and adjust it so that it is .2 x wide .2 y deep and 2 z high. I then tab into edit mode, grab all the vertices and move them 1 z up and .1 y over so that the median point is in the middle of one of the edges of the beam. I then try to rotate the beam so that the face that the median is on will snap to a vertice, but what actually snaps to the vertice is the face opposite of the median. I’ve attached 2 screenshots, one of what I am trying to do and the other of my settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You chose ‘Closest’, which always uses vertices. Hence it is the vertices, in your object and in your target respectively, that are closest together at the start of the rotation that will attract each other. So, pre-rotate your object to make the vertices that you want to snap together closer than any other possible couples. Then snap.

Hope this is clear enough. :slight_smile:

You are the man, my friend. Thank you