Rotation to obdata issues with Text and curves?

Hi there…

I created some text in Front view, then wanted to use CTRL + A to zero out the rotation (but keep the current rotation relative to the view), only to find that nothing happens. I noticed the same issue with curves… they seem to collapse on top of themselves.

It came up when I tried using the Ob Family within the text attributes, along with the Dupliverts function, only to have my objects rotated when I typed the letters in… evidently they are essentially parented to the text and therefore rotated in relation.

If you want to create your own font, how do you get around this if you can’t zero out the rotation on the Text object (but keep it in front view)?


I’m playing around with this a little but still don’t know about the Text.

On the curves, if you activate the 3D button, then you can Apply Object rotation to obdata and zero it out, but not if it’s a 2D curve (it just seems to put a projection of itself onto the X-Y plane).

On the Text created in Front view:

I was using a cone for an example… and named it “shapesa”… and entered “shapes” into the Ob Family field in the Font panel. I selected the text, turned on Dupliverts, went into Edit Mode and typed in an “a” to have the cone appear, but only it is rotated 90 degrees.

I was hoping to zero out the Text rotation after creating it in Front view, and then add the object font to it. I still cannot Apply object rotation to obdata… even if I activate the 3D button for the text (X rotation still is 90). The only thing I’m able to do to fix the object font I created is to go into Edit Mode and rotate the points -90.

This works, but if anyone else has an explanation/solution, please let me know.