Rotational hapeKeys

Hi All , I’m new and probably my first post here so ,

I have a question about doing rotational shapekeys :

I’m a C4D background guy and I’m learning Blender, and I’d like to find some tools I use in my C4D rigging workflow. So I use a lot some rotational SK (“morphs” in C4D ), and I know it’s not possible in Blender ( the SK are linear paths only ) . So the only similar result solution is probably mixing 2 SK (the main one , and an additional one to change the path )
I asked this on a french Blender forum and guys seems to go for this solution too .
(i made a quick example to show them what I need/use on C4D : )

So my question guys is : How do you fake rotational SK ? what solution is the best for you? ( I’ve been replied that I should use bones … sure they can make nice rotational deformations , but doesn’t give the same SK results .except if you put one bone on each deformed vertex and so have lot of custom path /rotation angle to adjust to ‘match’ the SK result … definitivly not a solution ^^ )

Is there an Addon to do that maybe ? or is it planned to update the SK options in a coming futur ?

thanks by advance for your help on this :wink: