Rotational limits in GE?

Can anybody point me towards a method of constraining the rotation of objects to certain limits inside the game engine? I am working on extending Alex Buck’s ragdoll demo and one of the big issues is that the joints can flip around into impossible angles. Rotational damping might alleviate that a bit but it seems to be broken when using the Bullet engine. I’m wondering if there is another method available?

you’ll want to wait for hinge or ball constraints with their own limits

using a point to point constraint for ragdolls isn’t going to work very well

Are hinge/ball constraints in the works?
I found a workaround using an armature with IK rotational constraints bound to empties that are in turn translated by the ragdoll geometry. This works ok for my purposes becasue I’m interested in using animation data from the ragdoll rig in the render and not the GE. The only issue is that since the appendages on the ragdoll rig rotates much farther in the GE than I am allowing the IK armature to rotate, I tend to get a lot of ‘snapping’ and maybe some gimbal lock issues with the rig at times.

erwin’s latest demo has a hinge constraint. I haven’t heard him mention a ball /socket constraint but I’d doubt that he’d neglect it [not sure what will be in 2.42 though]

hinge and ball socket are already in.
Notice that ball-socket is equivalent to point 2 point!

Limits and motors are not in yet, but its on the list, probably this summer.