rotational ShapeKeys

Hi Guys ,

Do you know if there is an Addon for doing rotational shapekeys ? or if it’s planned to update the current limited shapekeys system to allow curve interpolation paths ?

Currently how would you do that ?

(I posted a C4D example of how I use those rotational shapekeys , and I wish I could be able to do similar stuff in blender :

thanks by advance.

sorry for the double post , I thaught the first one hadn’t been post . so you can delete this one please .

Shapekeys are linear. There are no addons that I know of that will allow curved interpolation. A common workaround is to make two shapekeys that work together to get a non linear effect.

Good luck!

Depends on your setup, but usually it is best to use bones.

ok thanks guys :slight_smile: . (I wouldn’t use bones as it can’t give the same result as a custom shape , but mixing shapes can fake it … sure it’s not the easiest solution but ok :slight_smile: )