Rotations and Pivots for Rotating/Scaling

I just noticed something… and at first I thought… this must be a mistake… but then I thought I should check here before complaining.

-I have my Pivot Center for Rotating/Scaling set to 3D cursor…
-I interactively rotate my object.
-I want to make sure my rotation is exact so I type in 90 degrees in the Properties pannel.
-I notice that my object has moved somehow.
-I realize that changing the rotation in the Properties pannel doesnt rotate based on the selected pivot mode… but on it’s own pivot.

Is this right?
I ask… would you not want the change in those fields to follow the pivot setting you choose in the view port?

Thank you,

Those are rotation values around object origin. Press R to rotate and then [axis][direction][value] in some order. For example, R Z -90 rotates -90° around global Z axis. If you press R 90 - Z the result is the same.
If you like to use the 3D manipulator widget, you can enter a value before releasing your mouse key.

No, it’s too slow. Although, having it as an option wouldn’t hurt.

Double-check that your object origin is where you think it is.