Roto Paint using motion tracker

Is it possible to parent a color paint brush from blender’s paint system to a motion tracked marker for roto painting? I want to tracker a color painted onto a surface without using particles.

Not sure if I understand the question completely but perhaps dynamic paint is what you’re looking for.

Tracker cannot analyse a live feed either. But it sounds like it should work.

You can parent masks to track points:

You can also animate those masks via Shape keys.

First thanks for all who has responded. This link next is a Nuke demo of it roto paint node feature. I know Blender has a painting system. See image below. What I want to know is how can you assigned or parent those paint brushes to a track. If I have a moving object in a translating scene that I want use to paint a texture on wall or some surface, can the paint system be used for that?

This is not possible in Blender at this time.

Thanks RamboBaby

Um you can assign a 3d object (empty) to a marker in 3d space just solve camera first then object track second. Perhaps you could then use a ‘track to’ constraint to assign a painting object to the tracking empty.