ROTOBox - utility for UV rotoscoping

ROTOBox v1.0 is a python script to setup UV image references for use in mesh design. I got tired of setting it up myself and fussing with the alignment, etc.

To download visit the ROTOBox web page

Hope it’s of use.

[Update 20060123] latest version is now 1.3
[Update] latest version is now 1.1

I have released a new version of ROTOBox 1.1

Modifications include,

  * Flipped UV coordinates to correctly place images 
  * Added scaling value

Go to the ROTOBox web page for download/instructions.

Download the script here.

Screen shot,

As default, when an image is inserted as background, its horizontal lenght is always 10 blender units (always!).

The problem arises when you have two images of an object (front and side view) with different horizontal res. to put as backgrounds in two different 3Dviews.

Take into account that, if a front view image is put as background with default settings, a side view with different horizontal resolution can’t have the default size value if we want to have the right proportion between them.

Then, usually some calculus is necessary to find out the right size value of the second image.

The most practical, open with GImp the images and give them the same hor resolution.

duh … err … doh! Realised this morning in the coffee shop that I had layed out the UV faces in the wrong places. The opacity of the patches actually makes in difficult to see what you are doing when modelling!!! :-? (Luckily my shame is limited to the interest taken so far to this post so far - i’ll survive :wink: ) I’ll put a mod out for this before the week is out.

Alvaro - images of different resolution is only part of the problem. But a problem all the same - especially if you are working from photographs and not plans - and yes the 10 unit thing - why?! I find it more a pain in the butt to have 3 different 3D views with 3 different backgrounds. With blender’s windowing system (ctrl-left/right arrow ctrl-up/down) it is not impossible to set these up and work with it but I find myself wanting a little more flexibility - hense the motivation for the script. The planes are easily adjusted for size and position so fine adjustments are much easier. (me thinks - perhaps I should look at making a mode to the blender souce to cater for this … background image per view, centre positioning, image related scaling … hum)

I have released a new version of ROTOBox 1.2

ROTOBox is a utility to setup image references for mesh design. The references are set up in 3D space and are available in all views. The UV planes can easily be adjusted in position to best fit modelling requirements

Modifications include,

  * Getting it right?!

Go to the ROTOBox web page for download/instructions.

Download the script here.

Screen shot,

I do have a real need for this script but there are two problems with it.

#1 The minimal blender version in the header is set to “340” there is not blender version 340. I think the you meant to type 240. This is minor and I can correct it myself. But you might want to edit the source because a user that did not know how to do that edit will get a popup saying the blender version is wrong.

#2 is a MAJOR problem. The script uses and “Image Browser” window. This casue Any version of blender ( on window at least) to crash. In the release notes for Blender version 2.31a it says:

“- Important note: all buttons to call an “Image Select Browser” have been removed from Blender. This is instable code, and caused far too many crashes.
The functionality is still accessible though by holding CTRL while pressing a “Load” button for images. This as ‘undocumented’ feature for power users. :)”

I do not know if they have put it back into the succeding versions. But I do know that if I try to use an image browser window with thumbnails on any windows version from 2.36-2.40 blender just crashes with an error in ntdll.dll.

So the script is unsable for me until the blender coders correct that bug or the script author make it open a file select window by default.

I am going to post a fix for this using the ordinary fileselector.

It was working in alpha release 2.4a so go figure?!

Latest release is out v1.3 - fixed imageSelector problem.

Thanks Purple. It works fine now, in both 2.4 and 2.37

Thank you, purple :smiley:

This script should be included in the next release of Blender