(Tobur) #1

Hi there,
just finished this work after little changes from the one shown under
“works in progress”:
Any comments are welcome.

Cheers, Tobur.

(MoreK) #2

I love the mood of this picture. Beatifull colors. This remainds me somehow to Civilization III game, maybe it’s the coloring and sense of space or something…

(wavk) #3

Yep, very moody… Nice style!

Have fun,


(rndrdbrian) #4

Very nice! But I think the repairman should have a vist and fix some of the windmill blades!

However, perhaps adding a ladder to the rear of the towers would help add to the realism?

Nice sky. Nice lighting!


(blengine) #5

i knew youd back out of the spaceship idea :x :frowning:
u and those damn nor clouds! lol… oh well, its a great scene!

yeah ladders would look smashing on the back of them =D

(sten) #6

now it looks so much better with the motionblur,
makes more sence and real…

great atmosperic effect btw !!

(gecko) #7

looks great! send it to greenpeace :)…