Rotoscoped ghetto war composition

This is my new promo pic for my website:

Here’s the original photo:

Here’s it is a again with rotoscoping and post pro:
Larger Render

Made using:
Blender 2.42a
Photoshop CS2

C&C welcome!

Awesome picture.5 stars from me.But where is the blender part of it??:confused:


Everything that’s not in the original.
Bullet shells, smoke from gun, helicopter, building, rocket and horizon smoke.

awesome mayn!!!i hope you get in the gallery it cool!

Super intense! At first I was under the same impression…like…where is the difference because you were the main focus and there wasn’t much difference except color tone…then I looked over the fence and it was a fricken’ warzone! Very impressive and the smoke is done so exceptionally well that you should write a smoke tutorial! You utilize the colors and boldness of the black fire smoke and the subtle yet noticable gunsmoke as well as the always terrifying and billowing missle smoke. Bravo! Keep it up bro! (yes I did notice the tattoo on your arm; great job with the small details!

Mmmm. Not bad, actually. Pretty nice. The only thing I’m noticing is the building looks kinda flat, a little over-saturated, too. It doesn’t seem to blender very nicely in with the background. Still, pretty good execution of the idea.