Rotoscoping and Garbage/Matte Painting Tut !


Rotoscoping and Garbage/Matte Painting are very important features in Visual FX production.

Dedicated softwares are expensives, but Blender allows you to do it as well !

A the top of this page, you will find my last tutorial, including a ready to use setup, to do Rotoscoping and Garbage/Matte Painting in one pass in Blender.

The use of a graphic tablet is recommended, but unfortunately, due to a bug in Blender, the sensitivity to pressure is lost the first time you render your mask. This said, as the provided setup includes the blur of the mask, it is usable without pressure sensitivity, even if working without this function is less comfortable.

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All words and no pictures.

Accidental double post…

Well, I have updated my tutorial about Rotoscoping and Matte Painting in One pass in Blender. Now, thanks to a new compositing setup, the composited alpha mask and the final image are automatically saved each time you render.

The setup is ready to use for your own Rotoscoping and Garbage/Matte Painting work.

New tutorial and updated Blend file available here :

Now, the tutorials explains how to avoid the loss of tablet pressure sensitivity despite a bug under Windows.