Rotoscoping with AI without a green screen in Python with open source code

Hello, I have done an instructional video, how to run an open source Python code based on AI for rotoscoping. Green screen is not needed. Only a clean plate is desired. In case of a moving camera probably tracking with techniques of object removal should suffice to create reasonable clean plates. This matting technique is pretty robust for some movements and changes of the background.
Videos with possibilities of this technique:
Code is based on the original project:
This is a video showing how to run automatic rotoscoping python code directly in Python editor in Blender 3d (portable version). GPU is not needed. CPU will suffice:
My github:
Instructions for CUDA version installation on a channel with wonderful neural networks examples:
Blender download:
Neural network weights are downloaded from:
Object removal tutorial from CG Matter: in case you would like to have a changing clean plate.