Rotoscoping - Wrong format AVI

I’m making a video for school in which at the end a girl gets stabbed. It is from the view of the knife. Where the camera goes into her stomach:

As you can see the knife is a blender job.

Anyway, it is an avi, when I was filming I got the camera and moved it into her stomach. However when I got to set the texture to Movie, and I chose the AVI it says, ERROR: NOT AN ANIM. So I have to use a jpg until I can fix it.

I searched for help:
It says to use Adobe Premiere and render the avi as, “Microsoft Uncompressed”.

I don’t have Premiere, but I do have Ulead Videostudio 8. But that render format isn’t available.

How do I make AVI file from my camera usable in blender?

Okay forget my last problem. Managed to get it the right format. It works now.

But now I have a new problem.

When the knife is actually supposed to go into her body, it just stays there, rather than the knife disappearing into her.

So I figured a plane would fix that.

Planes material:
Alpha: 0.000
Only Shadow
Not Traceable

So the plane isn’t visible. Which is what I wanted, so that the camera could still see the video:

However when the plane is over the tip of the knife, it doesn’t cover it up. :<

Is it possible that the plane could cover up the tip of the knife, but still be able to see the video?


For the effect you want to achieve you need to put the video as a backbuffer image (as far as I know, as I’ve only tried this with still images) and then make a plane with the same texture as the video, making sure to set the material as only “shadeless” and “traceable” with alpha at 1. Set the map input for the texture on “Win.” Position the plane in front of the camera so that the knife dissapears behind it at whatever point you want. Finally, make sure to set the “Backbuff” button to render the background. Hope this helps!

Tried that, but it doesn’t seem to work. :frowning:

Backbuf doesn’t seem to let you use video.

Does anyone else have any ideas?
Need help desperately. My film is due tomorrow, and I gotta go to bed in a few hours! :o :expressionless:

You could always use a real knife. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, have you tried using an animated texture on a plane?

I’m going to experiment and try solving your 2nd problem.

Thanks Wiggie. :wink:

Whats an animated texture? :o

Well have you managed to get the movie to play in Blender? Going by your second post it sounds like you have.

Also, to get the knife to dissapear behind an invisible plane, the plane needs to be set to just “Shadow only”. No other settings need to be changed for it. But make sure you’re using a spotlight with either “Buff shadow” or “ray shadow” turned on to make it work. (The alpha of the plane must be unchanged at 1.0)

If you can’t get the movie to play in Blender then you need to export the knife animation from blender and overlay it over the video and eliminate the backgound colour. I’m not sure if you can do that in Videostudio 8, but it’s your last hope.

oh, and I don’t know how to use animated textures, but do a search on the forums or google.