Hi Guys,

I often run into a situation where I film my subjects and don’t go through the trouble of setting up a green screen.

Therefore, it happens more often then not that I want to change the background of the video in post. Therefore I typically spend hours in Final Cut rotoscoping to bring in the desired background.

I know in softwares like aftereffects (Mocha) has a very simple way of doing this as their software has a built in tracker that calculates an automatic rotoscoping operation once you outline the moving subjects one time and cuts down the masking time enormously!

Does Blender offer a similar convenience which is to simplify rotoscoping?

Thank you

As far as I know, in Blender you are currently only able to do “old school” rotoscoping:

Since AI stuff is coming very fast, you might try some tools like: as an addon in Natron


If you find better ways, let us know here!

There is automatic tracker.

I haven’t used it for rotoscoping purposes.